I follow several blogs.  In varying degrees they have some association to horticulture or nature, artists who garden, professionals, amateurs, vegetables growers, propagators, photographers. Without exception they give me great pleasure.  The exception to the rule (the hortie rule not the pleasure one) is written by poet and author Anthony Wilson Discovered by happy accident through a friend, he not only writes beautifully but champions other writers and poets, educating me in my ignorance. Hopefully he will forgive me paraphrasing a piece that I found especially interesting and helpful.

It was about rejection.  It was a simple tale of an actor friend who soothed Anthony when he was feeling downhearted after one of his poems had been turned down.  The actor said “but they wanted a blonde”.  When pressed, the thespian explained that this is how he copes with the big thumbs down.  Those wielding the power to say yea or nay wanted something different, someone that you couldn’t be.  It was not about being better, it was about being more suited.  This has stayed with me.  Stored in my emergency emotional first aid box.

Today I was rejected.  They wanted a rose and I am a marigold.  I can’t help being a marigold, I quite enjoy it.  I couldn’t be a rose even if I wanted to be.  Which I don’t.  Often, anyway.  That helps.

But I do think those in question could do with a few more marigolds in their lives.  Or maybe the odd delphinium, or salvia, or even an allium ….

21 thoughts on “Blondes

  1. A good thought to pass on when you are disappointed, thank you. Marigolds are BRILLIANT and not just when Mr TT dons a pair to do the washing up, my idea of a little joke. What colour marigold are you, sunny yellow or glowing orange?


      1. I have seen some seeds of a nice bronze one, another alternative. I am having a good think about what flower I might be!


  2. I’ve just followed your link, his anecdote now in your first aid box is a good one, I’ve had rejection for similar reasons and wasted energy brooding, when I could of been celebrating the wonderful diversity of flowers instead. Up the Marigolds!

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