Black Widow


It was a varied day, which is always the best kind.  It started with a drive through hazy Devon countryside, verges and banks spilling with cow parsley, stitchwort and campions.  We were on our way to visit a rural pottery, complete with wood fired bottle kiln, lovely wares, nesting swallows and nice folk to sit on a wall and pass the time of day with.  Then next to Bideford, along with a million converging motorbikes whose hum soothed us as we enjoyed a French lunch with an obligatory vin rouge.  Eventually home in time to listen to championship rugby on the radio, a form of commentary I always find both confusing and inspiring.

These Geranium phaem, or the black widow geranium, were flowering en masse in the garden of Shebbear potter Clive Bowen and his wife Rosie.   I can usually find a flower somewhere.

17 thoughts on “Black Widow

      1. It’s lovely thanks to excessive rain.So a new assortment of wild orchids and even serapias( I had to look those up) but also some dry stone walls that came crashing down
        Just love your blog and never fail to be surprised and delighted

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      2. In fact you could do a guest blog! It seems all the rage in blogging circles and you know what a follower of fashion I am. Go on, it will be fun. You send me photos and write a short piece and I pretend I did it. Not really. I would of course say it was by one of our Foreign Correspondents. 🙂


  1. Could not make the pottery sale but while leaving Shebbear Shop a lady asked me directions. She had driven miles, no map, no sat nav, so I steered her in the right direction, I hope! I know what the lanes are like around here, lose all sense of direction. The verges and banks, so beautiful at this time of year, make any drive or walk a real pleasure.


  2. I may soon be in possession of a Gp ‘Lily Lovell’. I have offered to assist in some propagation of same at the local wholesale establishment!

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