An Over Active Imagination


Today I told Mr and Mrs du Maurier that it is now illegal to grow cotoneaster.  Not content with one little untruth, I went on to warn them that there were a newly formed arm of the secret service called the Cotoneaster Police.  These law enforcers arrive unannounced with chainsaws and flame throwers.

It is feared that automatic entry into heaven is becoming less and less likely.  In my defence I was inflicted with an over active imagination, which is hardly my fault.  Hopefully St Peter likes a joke.

For your delectation here are some ethereal blue iris from their garden.  Far classier.

6 thoughts on “An Over Active Imagination

  1. What a beauty she is, I have this one, it is called ‘ Blue Shimmer’ which is such an appropriate name. Are there Pyracantha Police too? And Hypericum? And Potentilla fruticosa Police? There should be. Better tell Mr and Mrs du Maurier there are, just in case they get any ideas.

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  2. Well, given that Cotoneaster species are listed under Schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is an offence to plant or otherwise cause these species to grow in the wild. Arguably, if you do not take steps to prevent wild birds eating the berries and pooping the seeds out all over the place, you have caused them to grow in the wild. Maybe the EU does have a police force ready to pounce on 24 June and you are right to warn Mr & Mrs duM of the consequences of their causal actions (or inactions). 😉

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