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I have decided to invite some guest contributors to Off The Edge. There are three reasons:

  1. Many of my friends are wonderful gardeners, artists and photographers.  It will be a pleasure to share these talents with my followers.
  2. It will also be an opportunity for some of my Esteemed Clients to have a chance to plead their corner.  Admittedly a riskier proposition with the potential to send me over the edge.
  3. Proper bloggers do it on a regular basis and I thought I would copy.

I have compiled a list of victims contributors who I will invite to put in their two pennyworth. They are a diverse group and, although most of them don’t actually know about it yet, their fresh approach will enrich my “its been raining/the sun shone today/a plant grew” content.  Hopefully we will all find it a pleasant experience and certain folk will remember that when I wrote that thing I was only joking.

Watch this space ……

7 thoughts on “Warning

  1. I can’t wait. Imagining:
    Jeremy Corbyn on “The High Maintenance Garden” – needs labour
    Tim Fallon on “Sowing Seed Liberally”
    David Cameron on “In the Garden”
    Nigel Farage on “The Hammock in the Garden” – somewhere where you kip
    Boris on “Planting Out”

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