Guest Blog No. 1 – Old Friends


Well here goes, Guest Blog No. 1.  This dubious honour has been given to my dear friend Cathy Marjoram and her photographer (amongst other things) husband Stefan.  This lovely couple were my next door neighbours in Bristol.  Due to their annoying ability to turn their hand to anything and everything, from constructing elaborate fancy dress outfits to making the finest tiramisu, they were known to myself and the OH as The Swotties.  It was here that myself and Mrs M gardened in parallel and got up to our fair share of high jinx.  Their new garden in Somerset is both effortlessly anarchic and irresistibly charming.  A couple of weeks ago, whilst dallying in a meadow, she broke her ankle.  As we would say in Bristol “NIGHTMARE”!  Over to you me deario. 

This month, which should have been one of my more frantic months for gardening, potting stuff on, planting stuff out, reseeding lines of seedlings which have been eaten whilst there’s still time to start again…I have been mostly..doing nothing, on account of my broken ankle. I have tried the odd, doddery shimmy through the borders to remove a clump of mares-tails that I can no longer bear to pass again without action, only to stomp on some eager little seedlings as I fail to execute a graceful pirouette on my purple plastered leg on the way back.

I have also had the tortuous experience of watching other well meaning people do the odd bit of gardening for me. My mum planted out my tomatoes in a formation of which she clearly didn’t approve, jamming them in in a hearty and vigorous fashion, with little regard for their fragile stems – how anything survives transplanting in her garden I do not know (but it does – and thrives). My brother, on the other hand, planted out the sweetcorn with military precision, only to have to replant them all after mum said he should have loosened the roots first…..I didn’t get involved.

After they’d all gone, I quietly hobbled to a shady corner of my vegetable beds, and planted out some desperate carrot seedlings. Wrong situation I know, but it was all I could reach….and I could do it myself, and at the moment, that’s all that matters!

29 thoughts on “Guest Blog No. 1 – Old Friends

    1. You’re very welcome to come & visit Maggie…you may be roped in to doing a bit of weeding though. Since breaking my ankle they’ve gone beserk!


  1. Oooh yes…do have a group outing here – I’ll make cake and you can have some of my cider….or tea…yes probably tea might be wiser…!

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      1. Cider it is then….and we can certainly find room for tents – bring your earplugs though, we have a very active cockerel….that looks to be spelled wrong…cockrel…cockerell…anyway – he’s very noisy and has no idea when dawn starts!! x


  2. My heartfelt sympathies. Struggling along with a merely sprained ankle at the worst possible time of year is bad enough. Your garden does indeed look lovely though..


    1. Thank you & so glad you like it…but it is torture having to watch it all rapidly sink into chaos…there are so many plants which need to be planted out…which are starting to look a bit peeky🙁


  3. Do you have your own blog, Cathy? I’d love to see more photos!
    Somerset, not far from me?!
    Book me a seat on the charabanc please, Gill…

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    1. I don’t have my own blog. I think I’m probably too fickle to keep one going. I do love writing, but I think I’d only do it for a bit, then drift off to something new. One of the good things about a garden, it makes you stay with it…it’s out there, stubborn as a mule, waiting for your attention. It doesn’t go away, and when you do eventually get back to it, it doesn’t sulk…it even sometimes gives you unexpected prizes, when something you thought you’d lost or forgotten you’d planted, ‘suddenly ‘ appears. So no, I don’t do my own blog, but perhaps Gill will have me back from time to time, and I know My garden will always be a continuing source of inspiration….I’ll try to post some more pictures soon – and do come and visit. It’s looking lovely at the moment and it’s so nice to share it with fellow gardeners….


      1. You write very well, and it was entertaining! And your husbands photo was lovely. ‘Guest blogging’ is probably the best way to do it… No obligation, and you can spend more time in the garden!


  4. PS I loved your post. I think all of underestimate the very personal relationship we have with our gardens, until someone else tries to interfere! Although there are couples who garden together? Quite rare, I imagine.


    1. The like button doesn’t seem to be working for me – so I’m sending smiley flowers instead😊🌸


  5. Fabulous photo and guest post – hope you are hopping back to full health soon.

    Or as they say in Bristol, ‘Mare! (I worked in Bristol for many years)

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    1. Sadly this only means you will have to learn to walk again! Ankles are the worst when it comes to healing.
      We shall all have to visit ~ some to entertain/distract you while others assist in the garden!


  6. I have mixed feelings about guest bloggings. But I have to say I really appreciated this from an empathetic (is that a word I’ve just invented?) perspective. I’m still suffering the consequences of a fall five years ago and the calf and ankle of one leg are strapped up at the moment. Why, I wonder, do we gardeners only ever encounter injuries at the time of year when they have maximum impact? Strap away in winter I say but please give us some leeway in spring and summer.


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