What do you see?


What did you see when you looked at this photo?

Did you see the bee, busy and basking in the early summer sun?  Perhaps you dwelt on the porcelain geranium, pin stripes of sky blue, the violet stamen casting an indigo shadow?  Maybe you wondered about the pink haze in the background, imagining what flower it could be.  Or was it the sneaky bindweed that caught your eye, stealthily in its strangulation?

Some days we see only the flowers.  Other days it is the weeds.  Such is life.

8 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. Didn’ t notice the weed. I only see the weeds in my own garden. Unless it’s goosegrass, in which case I have to pull it out wherever I see it; other peoples’ gardens, car parks, parks, I can’ t walk past it.


  2. Interesting! I registered the color first (blue is my #1 fave), and the fact that it’s a geranium simultaneously with the bee. A brief flash of wondering whether the plant is ‘Johnson’s Blue’. I didn’t even notice the background flowers and had to look for the bindweed after it was pointed out, LOL

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  3. Definitely the bee, in its blue surroundings. Hmm, maybe I’m learning to ignore bindweed? The vinegar worked, by the way. Now I’m waiting to see if the weed comes back from the roots.


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