Lessons Not Learnt

Armeria (2)

This was meant to be a different photograph altogether.  My head is yet again hung in shame.

Yesterday we went for a walk.  Along the way I took photos of the many wildflowers we passed as we meandered along the coast. There was golden kidney vetch, cushions of sea campion, dots of blue sheeps bit scabious and masses of thrift in varying shades of pink.  I bravely hung over walls leaning towards the foreshore and bent nearly backwards to take shots of the sheer rock faces rising above us.  In crook and cranny these plants had wedged their roots down deep and were thriving on the north facing cliffs.  My acrobatics were to illustrate how these plants grow in the wild and therefore what will rock their boat when you grow them in your own garden.

Unfortunately the camera’s memory card did not accompany us on this walk.  It was sitting snug and warm in the front of my computer.  This is not the first time I have made this mistake.  If I was to be painfully honest, I doubt whether it will be the last.

Here is a thrift in captivity, sadly not quite the same.

16 thoughts on “Lessons Not Learnt

  1. Did this once many years ago with a steam powered camera with no film in it – it was my sister’s wedding which was a little awkward but there were plenty of other photographers around. At least you have the memories of all those flowers


  2. The walk sounds absolutely lovely, so a very good excuse to walk that route again. And you’ll know where the best photo spots are.


  3. Maybe one day… :)) Seriously, Armeria is one amazing little plant, the places it grows! When I see it in top of the mountain I always smile at the name ‘maritima’.


  4. Mr TT and I don’t trust ourselves to put the memory card back and have always used a USB lead to download pictures – then we find that we have left the battery behind in the charger (more than once) – is there any hope?


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