Androsace lanuginosa – Wooly Rock Jasmine


I was entranced by the diminutive Androsace lanuginosa recently discovered in Phlomis Flo’s wonderful garden.  Actually it wasn’t lost, just new one to me.  And what an impression it made! It sucked me in but didn’t spit me out and still it haunts me.  The charming white flowers, variously red and yellow centred, are held high above the downy foliage.  Far from its native Himalayan hills it is thriving in its North Devon adopted home.  Stunning and now lusted after in a slightly scary way.

11 thoughts on “Androsace lanuginosa – Wooly Rock Jasmine

      1. Thanks a lot Gill. I have a friend who has it and I can easily get a small piece; my so-called rock garden is in work and don’t want to plant more for now. But it does set seeds, usually.

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