Words for Lunch


Last week myself and Max’s Dad were talking about alstroemeria.  We were standing in front of a pathetic specimen poking its weedy head through the wisteria skirts.  Although I can’t remember the conversation in full it went something like this:

Me:  Don’t really get alstroemeria, I’ve never really warmed to them.

Him:  Nor me.

Me:  I can see they have exotic blooms, are reliable performers and if they were good enough for the Incas they should be good enough for me.  It is a complete mystery why they have zero appeal.

Him:  And me.

Me:  Shall we dig them up?

Him: Maybe.

This week I arrived and MD had been shopping.   Amongst his haul was this Alstroemeria “Indian Summer”.  For lunch I ate my words.


10 thoughts on “Words for Lunch

      1. You’re right–it is difficult to place them. I have some purple ones I bought in full flower in a pot. They’ve come back for the second year, still in the pot. I keep moving the potted flowers from place to place, trying to find a harmonious blend.

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  1. I happen to like alstromeria, which led to an interesting half hour here after I read your post. I mentioned that there were two large pots of them outside which had died for lack of water. Maty, who helps me and who speaks Spanish, began struggling to pronounce alstreomeria. We spent a half hour on language and the pronunciation of colors. We often take turns saying no, no that isn’t right, say it again. Crazy huh?

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  2. Alstromerias are good. I had some lovely deep salmon ‘Ligtu hybrids’ I grew from seed in 1997, they did not survive the transplant from Yorkshire to Devon, a shame as they were good growers in the garden and great as cut flowers. I shall have to find some more seeds and have another try.

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