I cannot be certain but I think that the craziness of spring and early summer may be subsiding. Today there was time to consider and enjoy instead of ticking off an arm long list of chores. It was perfect working weather and I was surrounded by chilled out people, the ideal combination for pain free achievement.   I was reintroduced to the joy of getting to the end of the day without the dissatisfaction of jobs not done or the disappointment of necessary short cuts. There was a stillness.  There may have been a quiet moment.

It is said that nature always fills a vacuum.   Today my head was full of plans and scheming for next year.  Big and better and brighter!

3 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. Glad to hear you’re already planning and scheming. By August, I am usually overtaken by ennui. None of it is as interesting as it was. Luckily, by the time the garden catalogues start to arrive, I’m starting to get excited again.


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