If you can’t take the heat

9 Hibiscus

The heater in my car is jammed on.  I have had it fixed but it has broken again.  This makes any journey over 5 miles long challenging, especially throughout the summer months. The experience of driving from South Wales to North Devon today was interesting.  It was like being in a Native American sweat lodge without the benefit of a spiritual experience.  All we had were butter mints and a luke warm bottle of water and I’m not sure they count as sacred fare.  Three of my passengers however were quite thrilled at this tropical trip: Mexican firecracker Dahlia “Mystic Spirit”, Asian beauty Hibiscus syriacus and the Mediterranean siren Teucrium fruticans.   At least somebody was happy!

5 thoughts on “If you can’t take the heat

  1. Having a heater jammed on!! And I complained (in my ‘a la Margot’ fashion) when my air con was not working and I only got tepid – slightly warm air! Hope that heater is fixed soon. Also, please BT get our Broadband fixed, we have only had ‘intermittent’ connection since 23rd June! End of moan about technology and off to water the plants again.

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