It would be hard not to mention the weather today.  Advertised as the hottest day of the year and so it was. Wonderful for going to the beach running into the sea when it all gets a little too much, or perhaps a meander through the woods where the sun is filtered to gentle by the hungry trees, or maybe sitting outside a chic bar sipping Pimms whilst watching the world go by.  Dreadful if you have to go to work.  If your job is inside then the cruelty seems immense.  If you are employed outside then it is a sap draining, head frazzling, limb scorching nightmare.  No matter, back to grey tomorrow.  Thank goodness for that.

15 thoughts on “Blazing

  1. I’m with you on the head frazzling, and plant frazzling as well – I know I should not complain about the sunshine, but my greenhouse plants are struggling despite copious watering, is it really back to grey tomorrow?


  2. We’ve had some hot weather this summer, but mostly it’s been a mix of cool, overcast, a little rain, all jumbled up with sunny, dry days. It’s a comfort to me after two blazing hot summers in a row. Maybe global warming isn’t going to change everything in the merest instant!


  3. Here in Northern California it has been mostly hot and hotter, though the fog has cooled things down a bit the past day or so. Poor gardens don’t know what to do with themselves. Much of mine has given up the ghost due to water saving.


  4. Most of the day on the beach, a visit to a dairy farm, preparing stuff for the village flower show and dinner in the garden this evening. Our Ozzie granddaughters will remember this week in Devon as one where they only needed one extra layer and not three!


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