It is called pentas and it is red.  That is all I know about this little plant.  Except that it reminds me of old man’s ears.  And I like it.  Could just be me though.  The ear thing not the like bit.  I would imagine that a lot of people would love those carmine, starry, fur-filled flowers.

9 thoughts on “Pentas

  1. I daren’t have a close look at Mr TT’s ears in case he thinks I am classing him as ‘old’, the Penta flowers are beautiful. My Fuchsia hatschbachii now flowering and looking good.


  2. A nice plant, nice size, nice shape, long flowering, butterfly magnet, nice range of colours. It has a lot going for it. Shame it’s a tender perennial and I’ve had to curb my enthusiasm to a degree which matches the available over-wintering space in the greenhouse (and the availability of ground space for over-summering containers).

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