Gone Fishing *


My week has not gone the way I would have liked it to.  Nothing serious in the scheme of things. Quite meagre really.  It involves my car doing a fine impersonation of a kangaroo and no one being able to find a fault.   You will be pleased to hear that the AA man who said I was changing gear incorrectly is doing very nicely on the Pushing Your Luck Ward of the Cheeky Blighter Infirmary.   Luckily my real mechanic has found a problem and is now fixing it.  It does mean that I am without transport.  Just off to catch a bus, should be fun!

*This is a horticultural joke as the above photo is of Dierama pulcherrimum, commonly known as Angel’s Fishing Rod.  Hilarious!

9 thoughts on “Gone Fishing *

  1. Yours was the AA equivalent of the man at the builders merchants who told me ‘They shouldn’t send women for plumbing things’.
    ‘Blimey, is he still alive’, asked Liz. He was, but I made a ‘Margot’ complaint to management and he looked suitably chastened at my next visit. Us females have to stick up for ourselves.
    Hope you enjoyed the bus ride, I do when I get a chance as I can peer in to people’s gardens.


    1. Ha! That is funny 🙂 The bus ride was good, went to Burton Art Gallery exhibition opening. Some very interesting characters on the bus and lots of nosing into gardens from me. We think the same x


      1. Oh!! We had a ticket to go last night but got caught up helping a friend clear a barn, so very grubby Mr & Mrs TT had showers and an evening in. We will see the exhibition in a quiet time and have lunch at the Café du Parc.


  2. How infuriating. I’m glad a proper mechanic found the real problem. I’ve got one of these Angel’s Fishing Rods blooming in my garden and I’m enjoying it very much. It’s a darker pink than the one in your photo. More of a magenta colour.


      1. They are easy to grow from seeds too 🙂 Can also grow outside in Canada – Vancouver area, otherwise just in containers.


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