Trollius chinensis “Golden Queen”

Troilus (1)

As I wended my way up the garden the sun kindly illuminated this trollius for me.  It was the first glimpse of light on a murky day, highlighting its rich petals, more buttercup yellow than a buttercup would dare to be.  The many hands of the inner petals reaching to the sky, supported by the solid domestiques below.  It was one of those moments.

10 thoughts on “Trollius chinensis “Golden Queen”

  1. You have sent sunshine and cheerfulness again. Have had an early morning response from the CEO of BT, perhaps we will now get our connection problems sorted! Good to know that he is at work already. Have a good week, x


  2. Gorgeous, mine are long gone. And how very topical. This is the only sport, the Pianist and I take an interest in. There are no balls involved. We have a pathological dislike of balls. Well, I do, the Pianist is merely bored by them.


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