Today I was stuck in all day, tapping away at the keyboard, chasing words and losing out to that harsh master Time. The weather was glorious, thing were happening, exciting things, things that involved food and fun, my garden wept. Tomorrow when I am due to garden all day it is set for heavy rain.  Again I will be confined to home, mourning the lost day.  I think I may have got my timing wrong.

7 thoughts on “Timing

  1. Between that keyboard and that computer is a lead. All you need is a pair of scissors (or wire cutters if you want to be superior) or a cable chewing cat (I’m prepared to hire resident cat out). Oh, and maybe an appreciation of “you don’t NEED to do this today”. Just watch the forecast. Do today what you can’t do tomorrow and put off what you could do today…..

    And quit moaning about your decisions! Or buy another set of waterproof clothing……. (a tenner in Toolstation).

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  2. Sometimes it is just hard to get the timing right. I had to spend too much time doing things in the house or at my desk yesterday when outside the sun shone, so I commiserate! Today, when Mr TT and I have a day out planned to meet family – the weather forecast, as you say, is not good. I hope your gardening is not too wet.

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