Happy August


As expected it rained.  Contrary to popular belief I don’t mind when it rains.  Not always anyway. Once in a while it is a welcome relief to have a day to catch up on stuff.  This is the day you dream about “if only I had a spare day I could alphabetise my collection of Death Metal CD’s and perhaps then I could tidy out the family crypt and then maybe take the boa for a slither around the block”. What happened in reality was cooking, tidying, administration, then driving to a physio appointment in the pouring rain past a million (at least) waterproofed holiday makers trying to make the best of it, returning via a supermarket where another million (if not more) dripping holiday makers were buying indulgence (chocolate and beer) and looking on the bright side.   I felt I should apologise to them.  Welcome to the British Summer!  Happy August!

15 thoughts on “Happy August

  1. Are we Brits the only people who feel we should apologise for things we bear no responsibility for whatsoever, like the weather. It’s doing the garden and allotment nothing but good; give me a day of proper rain rather than interminable drizzle any time. I did resort to a bit of chocolate and beer though.

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  2. Happy August to you too 🙂
    It is so dry here that every little shower is more than welcome! For the ‘outsiders’ the UK has the reputation as the place where it’s raining all the time :)))


  3. Yes, rain. Met Mt TT’s lovely sister and her husband (down on holiday from Chester) at Duchy Nursery for long and delicious lunch. Borrowed nice green Duchy umbrellas to tour around nursery. Broke promise not to buy any plants, stand of ‘Sale’ plants, one Abelia ‘Petite Garden’ too irresistible! Still, they all had a laugh at my addiction and we all enjoyed a rainy day.
    Have not met your boa, feather & glamorous or Hissing Sid variety?


      1. FYI the other million dripping tourists were at Lanhydrock where the NT staff were doing a brilliant job getting them all parked and organised. Cannot imagine what the Eden Project would have been like!

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