Albitzia julibrissin f. rosea, the pink silk tree, has been jettisoning its flowers for the past few weeks.  Most have fallen on the tarmac drive or are resting atop ferns and foliage. One dropped into the black bin now serving as a water reservoir, floating above the darkness, the end of each tassel glowing like a fibre optic light.

15 thoughts on “Fallen

  1. Gorgeous.
    I’ve recently introduced one of my clients to this lovely tree. We’re looking forward to seeing it flower. Any idea how young it starts?


  2. I only came across this plant for the first time two days ago when Mr TT and I spotted it growing up the wall of the Wisteria Tea Room at Rosemoor, ‘Rouge Selection’ is the variety there. Your flower is beautiful.


  3. It is such a lovely tree and very easy from seed. Mine grew quickly and flowered after about 6 or 7 years. It is not hardy here though and succumbed one hard winter. I expect it would flourish in balmy Devon though.


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