Today I had a postponed birthday breakfast with my lovely pals Hero and Betsy Bee.  It was wonderful.  It has inspired me to write a poem entitled Friends.

Friends are good
Friends are ace
Friends are welcome round my place*

Friends are lush
Friends are cool
Friends are even better if they have a swimming pool**

Friends are special
A friend always cares
Friends will never hesitate to lend you their flares ***

Friends are kind
Friends are clever
I’m a lucky lass and I’ll love them forever!****

*bring cake
**still looking for one of those, please apply in writing
*** or their tank tops
**** true

12 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Belated Birthday Wishes! I am now transferring to Windows 10 Calendar, despite being a Luddite, I think it may be better to help me remember things. Hope you had a lovely day and can find a pool soon, non here, sorry, but I can do cake. Brilliant poem, x


  2. Lovely poem
    Can ‘t lend tank tops(too old to have any)
    Got some flares somewhere…..
    Can do pool………and you are always very very welcome

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