Teenage Angst


The quince at The Farm has hit puberty.  Some have prematurely left home, a scattering of immature fruit tragically circle the tree, to become snacks for the badgers no doubt.  But I have high hopes for this persistent beauty in particular.  It is now beginning to shed its adolescent fluff, revealing the adult beneath, and elongating into the elegant pear shape of its destiny.  Is it a good idea to become so attached to a fruit, when so much is at stake?  We will see.

20 thoughts on “Teenage Angst

      1. I’ve only got three fruit left. My first ever harvest. I might have to join forces with you to make some jam. I am dreaming of having enough to place in bowls around the house. The scent is divine and part of my winter armoury against cold dark days.

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  1. My young tree had plenty of fruit for the first time this year. All but one has fallen off. I wonder if it is the drought. It is heart breaking after such high hopes. Last year I had enough for membrillo, but I burnt it.


  2. Membrillo or marmelada (Portuguese ) I make this every year and have a brilliant recipe for making iit in the microwave .I can pass it on to you if you wish
    Unfortunately this year our quince tree only has a few fruit on it and the tree is looking a bit odd…..too dry?
    The blossom in the early spring is also a delight


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