Fuchsia ‘Thalia’


Did I read somewhere that fuchsias are now socially acceptable? Someone may have even mentioned that harbinger of market-flooding “on trend”.  Fuchsia ‘Thalia’ doesn’t care if it is à la mode or passé and quite frankly, nor do I.   Elegant, floriferous and self sufficient, I don’t need anyone to point out its obvious worth.   You can, however, keep the frilly dancing ladies for yourself.  Each to their own and I wish you well.  There are plenty of other subtle beauties to keep me happy.

14 thoughts on “Fuchsia ‘Thalia’

  1. I am very dubious about plant trends too. I’m a long term admirer of fuchsias (though I always have to check how to spell them the odd time I write the name). My late father grew them so they’re wrapped up in my first memories of flowers. ‘Thalia’ is very striking.


  2. I am definitely with you on Fucshias, especially the species forms. ‘Thalia’ is great and I am trying to grow boliviana from seed. Hatschbachii and glazioviana currently looking lovely, they must like the weather this year.


  3. Thalia is indeed elegant. Most of them have far too many frilly petticoats for my taste . Mind you, I still remember what fun it was popping their nice plump buds as a child. It’s years since I did that.

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