This morning Lady Mantle greeted me with “Today we are going to be drawing pictures and making notes”.   The horror on my face prompted a rapid “Don’t worry, I will be doing the drawing”.  This is just as well, I once came second in art-off with a 4 year old.  Luckily Her Ladyship made the notes as well.  She has exemplary handwriting.  When later she dropped the pad into the mud she brushed it off saying “now it is a proper gardening notebook”.

We methodically examined each of the carefully numbered borders and garden areas on her blueprint, listing the plants (which for me was a horticultural spelling bee) and discussing our hopes for next season.  This involved identifying plants that need to be moved or extracted and pinpointing areas that “could do better”.  We also patted ourselves on the back and admired our own handiwork.  This exercise took all morning but was not wasted time, quite the contrary, it was an invaluable way to spend a few hours.  Now we have something to aim for.  We have a plan. Quite possibly to ignore.

This sunflower is not rushing to shine.  It will get there, but in its own time.  You can’t hurry these things.

11 thoughts on “Inventory

  1. It’s always good to have a plan. Then, if you end up doing something else, there is the excuse of having had good intentions :))


  2. Exactly true. My grandmother used to be ladies maid/companion to a Lady Mantle. The family treated her very well and were really sorry when she left them to get married. How funny that in those days it wasn’t even a consideration to carry on working after marriage. Just two generations away from me.


    1. How lovely! The world is changing very quickly, not all good, not all bad. My Lady Mantle is only a pretend Lady, she does treat me very well and I don’t have any inclination to get married so hopefully I will be able to help her for a while yet.

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  3. A good reminder that we should all do the same 🙂 I’m finding it hard to find the time at the mo, but will definitely do this in the next week or so while the border is still alive!


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