Malope trifida "Vulcan"
Malope trifida “Vulcan”

This is Malope trifida “Vulcan”.   A great favourite of mine.

There are many things I  love about this ornamental mallow.  The pleated pink petals, sugar plum fairy to deep dark furrows.  The etched out centre, revealing limy green beneath,  a verdant silhouette.  The candied peel stamen, irresistibly delicious and I’m not even a bee.  But more than anything I love the fact that I had no idea of its existence.

Months ago at The Farm we sowed a random selection of seed, dregs from my seed box, in an attempt to clothe a difficult corner.  This was one of my least successful plans.  The corner proved more difficult than expected.  Nothing happened.  At all.

Weeks pass and one plant is defiant.  Tucked into a neglected corner, like the star it so obviously is, showing true class.

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