What a day!  I had forgotten what it was like.  Rain; torrential and unremitting.  It rippled down the roads carrying detritus, blocking drains, finding its way into gaps and grooves.   We squelched our way home, dripping a trail into the house, leaving sopping clothing along the way.  We had forgotten the joys of a North Devon autumn.

This photo of Dahlia “Mystic Spirit” warmed me up.  Can you feel the heat?

11 thoughts on “Heat

  1. I got rather wet today doing the watering. I hope the plants in the cold frame and grow-houses appreciated it. I’m happier watering in the greenhouse as I’m also under cover. Resident squirrel didn’t seem to mind at all. He bathed in the fountain. BTW, I hope the trail of discarded clothing was indoors!


  2. Yes, I feel the heat! I’ve been noticing the golden tinge to the air when it’s sunny. It’s a different palette than summer; it’s mellow and subtle. And one thing about rain–it really cleans up the air.


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