Deep Blue Sea


For the past few weeks I have had a problem with my camera.  My work camera that is, not my posh posing one.  This is the work horse that accompanies me to every job and the one I reach for a million times each day.  It is a high risk occupation, fraught with dangerous mud, hard surfaces and deep compost bins.  If I were a camera purchased by me I would be very worried. Some of you might remember the incident with the pond when Lord Mantle dived in and attempted CPR on my last victim.  And then there was the occasion of the camera lost in the nettle patch.  Well another one has mysteriously come to grief. Somehow, no idea how, it has acquired a big chip out of the lens.  This means that my pictures have had a rather obvious blurry bit.  Just left of centre actually, a very inopportune place.  My attempts to disguise this mar in the middle have had limited success.  Each evening I am disappointed by my efforts.  Inevitably I will have to buy another camera.  I am resisting it.  However, the cost of getting this one repaired would be greater than buying an updated version of the old trouper.  I despair of our throw-away culture.

I am not sure what this saliva is called.  If I had to name it, it would be called Deep Blue Sea.

15 thoughts on “Deep Blue Sea

  1. Ah ,now I know what a saliva looks like ….must have one of those ….
    Sorry about camera woes but I do always enjoy a good colourful pic ,so best of luck.

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  2. Bugger! Until I read the post I was going to ask how you managed that tasteful blur effect on the left. People getting married pay good money for effects like that (my wedding photographer subsequently demonstrated his technique involving a margerine tub and some cling film)!

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  3. 🙂 See, you might even have a new career afterwards! (I know you wouldn’t be able to stay away of plants though 🙂


  4. Lately, I find myself acquiring more and more salvias. Really, I’m turning into a devotee. I know what you mean about our throwaway culture, but how can you resist a new camera? They just get cheaper and have more features.


  5. Throw away culture, yes, I have had to buy a new camera, the old one only 6 years old and no parts available! Mr TT very apologetic about dropping it so no mystery where that damage came from.


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