Papaver atlanticum Flore Pleno

Before anyone says, “such a shame that her camera is broken, she is doing her gallant best with faulty tools”, this particular picture was taken with the posh one.  Any fuzziness is due to user error.  I won’t name names. (me)

One of the forebears of this Papaver atlanticum ‘Flore Pleno’ hitchhiked into the garden on another plant  and it has been resident ever since.  Popping up here, there and everywhere its rich orange blooms are a surprise and a pleasure where ever they might appear.  This one has landed in a pot outside the back door.  Of course you are not to know that it is Flore Pleno, meaning full or double flowered, as it is yet to unfurl from its constraints.  On this you will have to take my word for it, as well as the fact that just one of these paper-petalled lovelies is enough to brighten even the dullest day.

The sheltering insect, perhaps a valiant aphid, doesn’t care what this flower’s name is or how many petals it has.  As long as it keeps the rain off, that is sufficient.

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