Pretty Face


Lady Mantle wanted a greenhouse.  And what Lady Mantle wants she gets.  Even if it means accosting a small child and his mother in a garden centre and demand that they give her theirs. This ‘gift’ was duly dismantled (get it dis’Mantle’d? such pun-ulicious brilliance) and transported back to the Estate.  The base was laid and the construction of the glass jigsaw puzzle commenced, all without the benefit of the picture on the lid.  Now the Crystal Palace is complete and very fine it is too.  There may be a little more ventilation than it had at its last home, but I like to call that ‘personality’.

Lord Mantle is so much more than a pretty face.  He has constructed two staging units from an old a pallet.  Here the over-wintering residents will wait until spring, snug and warm.  Very clever.

It didn’t taken Lady Mantle long to fill her new greenhouse.

She is now taking about an extension ……..


13 thoughts on “Pretty Face

  1. WoW … Lord Mantle *definitely* has hidden talents! I want one of those! Do I mean a neat little piece of staging, or a neat little man who can build me one? … hmmmmm! 😉

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  2. I have to commend Lord M’s carpentry skills. Put mine to shame. Maybe Lady M could hire him out to fund her bigger greenhouse? Anyone who owns a greenhouse immediately contracts expansionitis. I had a 5 footer. Last year grew it to an 8 footer and immediately regretted not going to 10. So bought a bigger/taller cold frame as consolation. Haven’t the foggiest idea where I’ll plant all those sweet peas!


    1. Ha! I completely understand, a garden, or greenhouse, is seldom big enough. Have you sown your sweet peas? Going to sow some for The Farm this week. Usually do spring sowing but they were very slow to get going this year. Thought I would do half and half.


      1. I do an autumn and a spring sowing. Autumn ones are in the coldframe (for which I’ve bought a paraffin anti-frost heater cos I’m nice like that). I’ll also sow in spring – they get used if the autumn ones have grown together too much as they usually do. FWIW I don’t do root-trainers or toilet rolls; I do 5 seeds to a normal flower pot. And I only ever buy the seeds from a particular seller (no point in telling you who as he’s off on a jaunt round the country till spring).


  3. Clever work. I love my greenhouse, and I hope Lady Mantle is as happy with hers. Just the right time of year to be finished and give some shelter to the plants that need it.

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