12 thoughts on “Salvia curviflora

  1. May I use the post to initiate a survey. Do we need to dig up our salvias and cosset them in the greenhouse for the winter or will a bell-cloche (eg) or fleece over the plant be enough? Or if we feed them with apple crumble?


      1. Hmmm. I’m rather innocent here (innocent as in stupid rather than in not guilty). Right thru to autumn I’ve been buying “hardy” salvias. But I got a bit worried when something that I’d bought as “ok to -15” was listed elsewhere as a tenderish perennial (ok to -5). When you have about £250 worth of new plants (salvias being my thing this year), you worry. I’ve bought a job lot of 5 litre pots as insurance but the peat-free compost will require a second mortgage.

        I’m thinking about a paraffin heater in my new coldframe wot was a 62nd birthday pressie and is quite tall, Eek! Just gave age away. Please ignore preceding text and eat apple pie instead. 🙂


      2. My new year’s resolution is going to be “No new varieties.” Once too often now I’ve bought a new introduction on the “promise” that it’ll be hardy and then, after losing it over winter (the “Illumination” series of Foxgloves being a case in point), the grower announces “We’ve now realised it’s NOT hardy.” But, of course, there’s never any offer of gift vouchers or replacements as it’s our responsibility not to believe what they said before we wasted our money. Meanwhile my so-called-hardy salvia collection’s dug up and potted in the greenhouse. Resident squirrel’s made good use of the resulting soft ground to empty his bird-proof peanut feeder and bury the contents.


      3. They are very tempting aren’t they ….. I have fallen for the illumination temptress too! I shall wait with bated breath to see if you get tempted again ….. You frosty there this morning?


  2. I keep most of my salvias in a just frost-free greenhouse and they are usually fine. I agree that it is often the wet outside that they hate, I have seen some rot from the base.

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