Mr Bun has pruned his privet hedge.  Quite rightly he waited until the bird breeding season was over.  Unfortunately he inadvertently disturbed the nest of a rare pink-backed green turtle.  He was, and it is a male as the females don’t have spots, left exposed to elements, terrified.  We returned him to the midst of his preferred habitat where hopefully he will find a place to snuggle up for the winter. Mind you, he does looks pretty jolly for all his traumas.

5 thoughts on “Trauma

  1. I’m wondering about the purpose of that hole in the middle of what I assume is his mouth. I have a dragon something like that. You are supposed to place a lit incense cone on a plug thing and shove it up his b*m and the smoke comes out of his nose. But turtle’s smile implies that is not the case here.

    Unless he’s a kinky turtle. 🙂

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