The unrelenting flowering cosmos.  On a day that couldn’t be bothered to get properly light, these floral gems were a candle in the gloom.   For us softies in the south it was also chilly.  It was the first day this autumn that my coat remained tight closed for the duration.  Perhaps I wasn’t working hard enough.  Slasher had a fire on the rise above the vegetable garden.  Myself and Junior inspected proceedings and warmed our bones at the same time.  We weren’t alone in taking advantage of the flames.   The Dexter cattle lined up at the field edge to benefit from the warmth and the ponies came even closer.  There were no marshmallows, but they were discussed at great length along with roasted spuds and bacon wrapped bananas.  Next time perhaps.

15 thoughts on “Unrelenting

  1. This is a funny year! I think I said the same last year. And maybe the year before. Whether or not we subscribe to the “climate change” stuff, we all have to acknowledge that things are funny. My cosmos have, in unison, gone over. But other summer stuff is carrying on as if it’s August. Even to the point that a begonia who’s corm I dug out 3 years ago and replanted elsewhere has decided, during late October, to tell an offset thingy to go ballistic. So I have a nice yellow begonia where I’d forgotten I had a nice yellow begonia 3 years ago. And it’s grown from nothing to a nice flower in 3 weeks! Oh, and I have daffs breaking ground!

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  2. That’s a pretty cosmos, does it have a name?. Ours went over about a week ago and are now making cosmos compost. Kept some seed though, and wonder if it will germinate.
    Spent a lot of the day preparing to pot up some tender fuchsias, pelargoniums, etc. Decided to tidy up my biggish collection of flower pots first. Tried sorting them into size and make so they stack properly, but found hardly any two the same. Didn’t realise it was such a competitive market!

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    1. You are quite right and it really annoys me! Especially when you get into mega stacking mode. The cosmos doesn’t have a name, it is from a mix which has produced some beauties, I will be collecting seed and will save you some. 🙂


  3. Love the cosmos, not so keen that I might need to dig out my thermals (yes, wimp), bacon wrapped bananas sound like something I must try.


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