Spindle, Euonymus europaeus

As I parked my Messerschmidt in the village car park, on route to Mr and Mrs Bun’s, my eye was caught by something gleaming bright in the corner.  Squinting in a most attractive manner, I tried to fathom what this could possibly be.   Drawn like an anvil to an industrial strength magnet, I wandered over to investigate the shining phenomena.  Part hidden behind a large white van, I gasped as I spied the most wonderful spindle I had ever seen.   The spindle, Euonymus europaeus, is a native British tree with an autumn display to rival any cultivated specimen.  Cerise pink fruit open to reveal jaffa orange seed, a colour combination that warms my soul.  The leaves turn burnished mahogany before they fall.   I wondered how many others had spied this beauty and drooled.    

As I have a tendency to over-share, I rushed to the Bakery demanding that The Buns come forthwith, at once, with all haste, to appreciate the glorious burning bush.  They did and made all the right noises of appreciation.  I don’t think they were humouring me.  In fact I’m sure they weren’t.  80% sure anyway.

Mr B brought his camera with him.  As you can see, Mr Bun is an accomplished photographer.  A man of many talents.


5 thoughts on “Spindle

  1. The autumnal brilliance of Euonymus always surprises me. They seem to turn from rather nondescript to blazing in the blink of an eye – I guess you’ve parked there often during the summer and not noticed the nondescript. Incidentally, hiding behind a large white van in the corner of a car park and then gasping with pleasure could have unexpected consequences if there is someone on the other side of the van 🙂

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  2. Neil grew me a spindle bush from seed, I planted it out in 201. It is doing well but no fruit yet, I am so looking forward to getting some soon but think it might take a while yet.

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