Seed Addict


I have a tiny garden.

I have one meagre plastic greenhouse.

I have a large biscuit tin full of seeds, some collected, some gifted, some purchased.

I have little time for sowing, pricking out, potting on, tending.

So what did I do today?  I ordered more seed.  Twelve packets.  Not only did I order more I ordered the unsuitable, the tender, the needy.   The azure Willow gentian, Gentiana asclepiadea, the milk chocolate foxglove Digitalis parviflora, the red hot flame nasturtiumTropaeolum speciosum, the golden pea Lathyrus aureus, and an old friend, the cape wattle Paraserianthes lophantha.  The words alone are pure poetry.

When the packs eventually arrive I will sit and carefully examine each in turn, imagining all the beauty that is contained within.  I will praise them.  I will flatter them.  I will coo.

Then they will go in the tin, with the others, who no doubt diverge the sordid truth.

21 thoughts on “Seed Addict

  1. Oh so familiar. It helps very little to sow them and grow them, for then where do you put them. And living, growing plants that never get planted are an even bigger reproach to we guilt ridden addicts.


  2. Oh dear.You too.i thought it was just me .Also seeds collected I wish I only knew where .I sometimes scatter them in the hope that something wonderful will suddenly happen .I once nurtured a box of seedlings which turned out to to be chickweed ….obviously not what I had put in there in the first place


  3. Hail, kindred spirit. Though I usually go a bit further and sow the seeds. I nurture them in the greenhouse, the growhouses (posh for aluminium framed but plastic glazed lean to thingies on the side of the house that I can’t do anything else with), the cold frame, window sills. I prick them out, pot them on. I rejoice in the bounty that nature has given me.

    Then I realise there’s no b****y space to plant them out! So I flog them for charity.

    And order more seed ………. And avoid garden centres and nurseries, plant fairs and web sites……..

    We need a horticultural equivalent of AA (not the motoring one)!


  4. Oh yes, a familiar story. Not only do I buy them but every pocket is full of them. They do get sown eventually but then what? For example, do I need 20 euonymus, 16 rowan and 12 crab apple trees?


    1. Of course you do! Well perhaps not 12 crab apples ……. I usually find pieces of tissue with seed in them. Not a clue what they are. Funny how we always think we will remember. When will we learn? 🙂


  5. Been there…done that : ) The compulsion to grow seems to be widespread, especially special perennials not often encountered in nurseries… Curiously the seeds you mentioned are some of my particular favorites…Hope you get time to plant them : )


  6. Seeds and seed packets are certainly addictive! So many gorgeous varieties, with mouth-watering descriptions. To make it worse, I work in a horticultural resource library, where we collect and display seed catalogs from the most esoteric of companies. I daily have to resist ordering yet one more batch of undeniably fascinating seeds. Thanks for sharing your experience too. Misery loves company. 🙂


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