There are worthy reasons to wait until spring to cut back spent flowers.  The seed heads provide both food and shelter for wildlife and the perished vegetation offers the plant a modicum of protection from the elements.

But when the sun dances across burnished flowers on a crisp winter’s day, surely that is reason enough.

9 thoughts on “Burnished

  1. You are liking that new camera. 🙂 And we seem to be having a lot of un-seasonally sunny (and warm) days this November. I can’t remember lugging a watering can around this late for so many years that I literally can’t remember! The forecast predicts the first overnight frost around here next week. We’ll see.


    1. Even here they are suggesting -1, again, we will see. Not quite got to grips with the new camera yet, there are a lot of duff photos that no one sees before they go to the big bin in the sky. Will keep working on it! Keep warm 🙂


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