Nicandra physalodes – Shoo Fly

Nicandra physalodes Shoo Fly

The seed pods of the Shoo Fly, Nicandra physalodes, are almost as beautiful as their flowers.   Notorious self seeders, some might view these purple papery lanterns with a sigh or even a scream.  However I am looking forward to them spreading themselves about, they are long lasting, trouble free and floriferous.   A member of the “good cop, bad cop” family Solanaceae, which contains both potato and deadly nightshade.   They hale from Peru, yes just like Paddington Bear, hence another of their common names, Apple of Peru.  Did you think I was going to say The Paddington Plant?  I nearly did.

6 thoughts on “Nicandra physalodes – Shoo Fly

  1. And, of course, often found growing under bird feeders as it’s a cheap addition to the mix that we bird lovers pay over-the-odds for. That is unless we’re eminently sensible types and buy single seed feeds. I just buy sunflower hearts (kibbled to minimise germination from dropped bits). Form your own conclusions please.

    (DM your snail mail addy and I’ll send you a bottle from Brecon for Christmas. I’ll need it eventually to send you the osteopaths. So don’t prolong the agony.)


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