Rent Asunder


After the predicted stormy night, when the rain was icy ball bearings and the wind thumped like a prize fighter, I thought I’d better have a quick wander to check for any garden damage.  Apart from a few misplacements there were only two casualties.  Firstly a large pot of bamboo had fallen on top of a Lavandula pinnata, the fern leaved lavender.   Garden Doctor’s diagnosis – squished, GD prognosis – with a little nip and tuck it should be fine.  Secondly, our Salvia microphylla has been rent asunder, surely not too dramatic a description?  This shrubby salvia is notoriously brittle, so this collapse came as no surprise.  Luckily it is famously responsive to hard pruning which is exactly what it is going to get. Not today though.  The plants might be alright, but I am still feeling a little rough around the edges.

13 thoughts on “Rent Asunder

  1. Hard pruning should be just the ticket. We seem to have fallen out of sync with our weather patterns. It’s been calm and cool here, alternating sun and gentle rain. Of course, the storms will come again before too long.


  2. And all those opportunities to take cuttings too! Good to see your post and know that you’re OK. Worst missed here but seems we’re getting something else tonight which, hopefully, will miss you this time.


  3. So you had the icy ballbearing thing too? I was in Liverpool on Saturday and getting a bit rent asunder by the weather myself. We thought it was because it’ s ‘grim oop north’ . Surprised to hear it was in Devon too. Will you wait until the spring to prune the salvia?


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