Beech leaf

Is there anything better, on a bright winter’s day, than to go for a walk in the woods?  Drinking hot chocolate in front of an open fire would also be nice, especially if you had a Cadbury’s flake to dunk.   However on this occasion we opted for Option No. 1 and a very good choice it was too.

8 thoughts on “Options

  1. Which I take to mean, happily, that you are recovered from your recent lurgi. And who’s to say you didn’t return from your walk in the woods (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more! if I get into Eric Idle mode) and then indulge in a flake-dunking mug of chocolate whilst roasting that handful of chestnuts you grabbed in the wood (…… Eric Idle mode) in front of that open fire? Spiffing photo, by the way. You’re doing better with your new camera than I’m doing with my nearly-2-year-old-one! Can never remember which knob to twiddle to set that foreground focus thing. (…… Eric Idle mode)


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