Of course I’m not going to get away with it Scot free.  I’m talking about this indulgent month off. There are chores to be done, chores with a capital C, Chores!  Which includes sorting photos.  And I take an awful lot over the course of a year, which after a little initial attention are generally left to moulder in their monthly files.  So I will be deleting the dreadful, of which there are many, and sorting and labelling.  Big talk. I haven’t actually begun yet, but I have considered it, which is almost as good.  Here is one I looked at earlier and thought about titles and places.  Then I went and had a well earned rest.

8 thoughts on “Chores

  1. Have you thought of using a batch file renamer? At least you can change all those “image00001” etc., filenames to “Great Dixter 00001” etc,. or “Colonel Blimp’s Garden 00001” etc.,with just a few mouse clicks. That’s half the job done. And you could use the time saved to get on with other chores like handbag shopping …..


    1. I drop them into place files and then rename as to content. Quite good for searching later. It is deciding which to keep and which to bin that takes the time, according to my mood it is quicker or slower (tough/soft). 🙂


  2. I have years of garden images to sort – maybe this winter as it is too cold to do much outside. I need to start a new system and hoped to begin on January first – ho hum! The poppy is gorgeous

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