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Looking through my photos (did I mention the heroic task in hand, yes, of course I did, although there is no harm in reminding you) it is obvious that some days I was spoilt for choice.  Others, generally the rainy, dull or exceptionally busy days, I was scrabbling about, invariably borrowing from another occasion, but keep that to yourself.  This photo, from the archives, I’m sorting them don’t you know, was from a very good day.  I do love an achillea, especially when they are not attempting world domination, not an attractive attribute in plant or person.

11 thoughts on “Archive 1

  1. In my last garden, achilleas thrived. In my current one, they don’t. My achillea’s heal perhaps? And please can we avoid mentioning that American aberration? May be appropriate that he tweets using Twitter for Android! I refer to him as “Turnip”.


  2. Good luck with sorting photos Gill (I hope it also includes deleting :0
    I had a go before Christmas at some of my stuffed folders and it felt great!


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