Wise Words


Forgive me, I am going off the horticultural piste again, but rest assured it will be fleeting.

Today I watched the inauguration.  Under duress.  It was an important moment, I was told.  So I sulked and half read my book whilst barracking from the cheap seats.

When the shenanigans were almost over they rolled out the religious representatives, ensuring that God was on their side.  A rabbi spoke first, forgive me I didn’t make note of his name.  As I imagined they were all on the pay roll I paid scant attention.  Then I caught a few of his words “A nation’s wealth should be judged by its values and not its vaults.”.  Wise words. Let us hope others were listening.

8 thoughts on “Wise Words

  1. This was the first Inauguration in multiple decades that I simply could not bring myself to watch “live.” Call it a personal boycott, but I spent the day watching back episodes of The West Wing. I decided I’d rather watch a functional fictional presidency than a dystopian real one…

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