crab apple

I have my favourites.  There are quite a few.  But one that is forever jostling, elbows akimbo, to reach the front of the queue is the crab apple.  Undoubtedly I have mentioned it before.  There is no question that I will feature it again.  All hail to Malus sylvestris, Champion of Trees!

7 thoughts on “Favourites

  1. I have one overhanging the drive. A neighbour who liked it invited others to come and look at my crabs! I now have to park a car underneath it (there is a story to that). Every blackbird for miles around gorges on the aforementioned crabs. I have to put a cover over the car when I’m not driving it else it gets covered in crab detritus and blackbird something with only one character different. I look forward to the year when I don’t have crabs! (But the deep pink blossom of the buds, followed by the paler pink flowers, followed by the gales that strip off the aforementioned flowers to pattern the lawn with what are by then white petals, makes up for it.)


    1. There was a blackbird in this tree when I took the photo, I did wonder why it was still so full of fruit so late in the season. Glad the crab apple ends up with a positive rather than a negative. By the way, how are your crabs? 😉


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