Soleirolia soleirolii

Directly outside of our back door there is a small courtyard, jammed with pots, a small plastic greenhouse and a bench.  A set of red brick steps lead up from this area, to the main garden above.  A couple of years ago I fell down these steps.  I was carrying the dried washing and attempting to stroke Fat Ol, next door’s cat, at the same time.  A classic case of multi-tasking gone wrong.  There is no doubt in my mind who the villain is here, Mind Your Own Business.  No I am not being rude, I slipped on the invading tyrant Soleirolia soleirolii,  the scourge of many a garden. I have been fighting a battle with this monster ever since.  Sadly, I must confess that I am coming a very poor second in this contest.  It is invincible, Stephen King should make a film about it.  I am not exaggerating as to how cruelly encompassing and relentless it is.

So it made me chuckle when I saw this sign at RHS Rosemoor.

Soleirolia soleirolii

It may have been a chuckle, it may have been a sob.  Hopefully this label was educational rather than celebratory!

11 thoughts on “Horror

  1. Poor you! Ultimately this is a choice between being organic or repeatedly using Glyphosate (if the latter please track down Bayer’s “pure” Glyphosate and not Roundup, whose addins are reputedly more harmful than the Glyphosate itself). Nitroglycerine is probably an over-reaction. I’ve found a flamethrower to have only temporary impact. Mixing some solution in a little container and then using a paintbrush to slap it on seems more effective and also minimises the spread of the weedkiller.


  2. I like its name though 🙂 and it looks great with the bricks (but I know what you mean).
    I think we just have to relax and live with some things/plants…the best we can. Resistance is futile :)))

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    1. Hello Brian, nice to meet you! Salt sounds good, especially on the steps where it can’t affect any other plants. I did a few experiments with vinegar as a weedkiller last year. Not very successful but I think it was a “user problem” rather than the method. 🙂

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