First Day of Term

Rhododendron bud

This day, the 32rd of the year, has meant many things to many people.  On this date, had they still been alive, Clark Gable, Stanley Matthews and Muriel Spark would have been blowing out candles on their respective birthday cakes. Contrarily, Mary Shelley, Mondrian and Buster Keaton all took their final breaths.  In 1884 the first volume of the Oxford English Dictionary was published (A to Ant, you would have to wait quite a while for “zebra”).   In Turin, Puccini’s opera La Boheme was first performed, whilst in 1920 in Canada the Mounties came galloping across the horizon for the first time.  1st February 2017 and it was Back to Work Day for me.  It is unlikely that this will go down in the annals of history, but still I was ready for it.  I would have been far keener if it was not for the after effects of a cold, namely a rip-roaring, gut-wrenching cough.   It is always the same with me, a gentle cold for 2-3 days, an evil cough for 2-3 weeks.  Still I am glad to be back and full of enthusiasm, looking forward to catching up with gardens and their owners.

This rhododendron bud is pumped up for action.  With its snowy eyelashes, it is primed for the year ahead.  And I for one, can’t wait.

14 thoughts on “First Day of Term

      1. Not yet but like you when I get it I really GET IT. The Docs have done all the checks but can never find anything wrong ~ as I sit there wretching my lungs up! Bless them!

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  1. That’s one thing I miss, post retirement – the joy of first day back at work after a break. What I miss more is the loneliness of the first day off after a work! *Passes salt cellar* Just wondering, though, did you get an almanac for Christmas?

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  2. I didn’t get to wish you a happy return to gardening duties 🙂
    If not so far away, I would accuse you for transmitting your evil cough to me!
    It has drained out all my energy ;(

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