12 thoughts on “Hypocrite

  1. No matter how conscientious you are, the labels will get lost. Funny, I just came across a reference to Euphorbias in Margaret Drabble’s latest novel, “The Dark Flood Rises”. In the novel, there is a house built on lava on one of the Canary Islands. The house is surrounded by plantings of cactus and euphorbia. “. . .their dramatic black tufa and whitewash volcanic home of caves and bubbles, of the scarlet and pink and olive grey and lime green and acid yellow spears of their euphorbia garden.”


  2. I think it was Roy Strong that said he couldn’t abide plant labels because they make a garden look like a miniature graveyard. With or without a label your euphorbia will be just as lovely. I can’t wait for mine to get going!


  3. I love Euphorbias, characias subsp. wulfenii, ‘Ascot Rainbow’ & x martini all looking good here despite the weather, schillingii buds starting to poke their noses above the soil so I hope we do not get a really cold snap before spring.

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