Recollection and reflection


This dreary weather has caused me to reflect.  Not in a maudlin way, but in a curious self-scrutinising manner.  As I said, it was raining.   I got to wondering quite why I blog.  It is after all a rather bizarre occupation. Sharing your thoughts with a virtual audience made up of strangers, acquaintances and friends from across the world is surely a little odd.  Some of these folk have names, some have voices, some watch silently.  I have no wish to educate, there are plenty worthier than me to fill that void.  I am no expert, but neither am I a novice.  I have no wish to preach, or dictate fashion, or influence.  So why exactly do I do this?  The fact that my Mum checks every morning to see if there is a post is not a valid reason, after all I could just email her, or even phone.  Then it dawned on me, the answer is obvious, I do it because I do it.  I started and now I can’t stop.  It is called inertia, I believe.  That is all.  Except I enjoy it and it is mine and I can do what I want, within reason of course.  And that is enough.  Well I’m pleased we sorted that out.

On such a dismal day I have resorted to memories from last summer.  This is Polemonium caeruleum, Jacob’s Ladder, a European native which was used by the Ancient Greeks to alleviate toothache and by 19th century physicians to treat rabies.  It is a charming, trouble free, violet beauty and everyone should grow it in their garden.  Oh dear, it seems I might have just “educated” and “influenced”.  Don’t worry, it won’t happen again.

29 thoughts on “Recollection and reflection

  1. Sometimes we do things just because we like to do them, no explanation required 🙂
    And most times you will also achieve unexpected results.
    I didn’t know Polemonium had medicinal usage in ancient time; without wanting you did ‘educate’ as well 😉


  2. We do it because we can with the technology available today, linking us to like minded people. We can communicate all around the free world and some of the rest. Most of us are amateurs, I have learnt a lot from fellow bloggers. Keep on blogging.


  3. I’ve been blogging for around 12 years now and generally done two posts a week throughout that period. I enjoy doing it as much as I ever did and have made some wonderful online friends from around the world. Happy blogging. xx

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  4. I think there almost as many reasons why people blog as their are bloggers. I blog because I live in a society with little interest in gardening (apart from a few very good friends, who actually are friends because we met through gardening) and I like to share thoughts, ideas etc. etc. So for me blogging is almost vital.


  5. As a stranger out there in the world of blog land, (New Forest area actually) as well as being a silent watcher, this blog has forced a response- Please Please don’t wonder why you are blogging! Think of the pleasure you bring. I look forward to your blogs SO much. I am a keen gardener and found you via a gardening magazine that you write for so very seriously and informatively, when I checked in with your blog- Oh Joy!! Fun and frolicks too. Jackie Stockley.


  6. It may be too late for me to add a post, but I am so glad that your blog comes in to my email box. I echo TFG and Rusty Duck and just enjoy what you have to say. We have had little or no internet access since 31st January and it is the three blogs that I follow I have missed the most. So on a very cold, grey and windy Sunday, when the blue light on my hub is on for a while, I am catching up on some good reads. Keep going!! x

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