Recollection and reflection


This dreary weather has caused me to reflect.  Not in a maudlin way, but in a curious self-scrutinising manner.  As I said, it was raining.   I got to wondering quite why I blog.  It is after all a rather bizarre occupation. Sharing your thoughts with a virtual audience made up of strangers, acquaintances and friends from across the world is surely a little odd.  Some of these folk have names, some have voices, some watch silently.  I have no wish to educate, there are plenty worthier than me to fill that void.  I am no expert, but neither am I a novice.  I have no wish to preach, or dictate fashion, or influence.  So why exactly do I do this?  The fact that my Mum checks every morning to see if there is a post is not a valid reason, after all I could just email her, or even phone.  Then it dawned on me, the answer is obvious, I do it because I do it.  I started and now I can’t stop.  It is called inertia, I believe.  That is all.  Except I enjoy it and it is mine and I can do what I want, within reason of course.  And that is enough.  Well I’m pleased we sorted that out.

On such a dismal day I have resorted to memories from last summer.  This is Polemonium caeruleum, Jacob’s Ladder, a European native which was used by the Ancient Greeks to alleviate toothache and by 19th century physicians to treat rabies.  It is a charming, trouble free, violet beauty and everyone should grow it in their garden.  Oh dear, it seems I might have just “educated” and “influenced”.  Don’t worry, it won’t happen again.