A Day in the Life


After an uncommonly frosty start it was business as usual at The Farm.

We kicked off with a little rabbit herding (domestic), then went on to some rabbit cussing (wild). The better part of the day was spent undertaking the wondrous triumvirate of weed, chop and mulch.  This very rewarding work was interspersed with a little plant shuffling, wheelbarrow hill climb, taking my coat and hat off, looking for my hand trowel, putting my hat and coat back on, finding my trowel, losing my gloves, pulling crocosmia, finding my gloves.  On repeat.

I also admired a lone flower of Teucrium fruticans.

teucrium fruticans

Shared a joke with Pip (unrepeatable).


Was pleased to see the that honesty seed had flown, the punctured pods empty.


Finally, I was sad to see that the red oak sapling had been severely nibbled but very happy that our willow sculpture was flowering.  When I told Farmer Tony about the salix he asked “is that good?”.  Anything this beautiful can’t be bad, surely?




8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Can’t find “Wheelbarrow Hill” on any map. Is it a colloquial name? That’s a beautiful selfie. Photo of Pip in your next post perhaps? *Ducks and professes battyness*. Shall I tell you a story about pet rabbits, financial embarrassment (not mine!), Sunday lunch, new fluffy stool covers and an empty hutch? Thought not! xx


  2. Blue skies? Gardening? I am so envious. Up here in the stygian gloom of a winter’ s day with pewter skies and snow falling, I feel I have landed in Dante’ s innermost circle of hell where all was frozen. Ok, I exaggerate, but this winter malarkey has been going for far too long. And the horse up the road has no sense of humour.


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