The Early Bee

Mahonia and bee

If I were a bee, hunkered down against the winter gloom, I would have risked a short foray out into the big bad world today.   The blue sky and the fragrant mahonia flowers, advertising their wares with perfumed wafts, would have been provocation enough.  If I were a bee I doubt I would be one of the more restrained variety.  However, even the strictest “I’ve set my alarm to spring and I refuse to leave this burrow until it goes off” type would have been sorely tempted.

Although I have been known to do a little pollination, I am of course not a bee.  But still I was very pleased to be outside amongst the early blooms and the sunshine, warm and content.

17 thoughts on “The Early Bee

      1. Now there’s my problem. Cluster flies, well, cluster. They don’t actually fly anywhere; just eventually expire and drop onto the insulation below. And I cannot fumigate the attic as I have bats roosting in my cavity and cannot guarantee that the smoke wouldn’t find its way through little nooks and crannies from the attic into the cavity and harm the bats. (And I can’t insulate the cavity either as I don’t want to disturb the bats.) Investigations by people who know what they’re investigating reveal that they’re (the bats) all fellas (we have to stick together) who are resting quietly (and sensibly) as far away from the females (who hang in – not out – at the local church) as they can until they want their wicked way. They then return and hang out with me, on me or around me and we exchange man talk (except when they get into the study and drop guano on my computer keyboard which I don’t like).

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      1. Mama and I were lucky enough to see a profusion of bees on the hellebores we were admiring earlier this week at the local garden centre. One or two plants may have found their way home with us but sadly no bees followed!


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