Some Daffs for St David


I would like to wish a happy St David’s Day to you lot across the water.  Yes, you know who I mean. The Welsh from Wales.  On a clear day I can see your shores from my window; the mystical islands of Worms Head, the fabled Pembrokeshire coast and its equally gorgeous sister, the Gower peninsula. Misty lands that come and go with the weather.  Sometimes I wonder who is looking back at me.  Then I pull the curtains.

Efallai y bydd eich cennin Pedr yn sefyll tal a bod eich cennin byth yn rhydu. Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi!*

* If it is nonsense I blame Google translate!

21 thoughts on “Some Daffs for St David

  1. A lovely thought and I bet it sounds wonderful with the right accent. I will take my mum some daffs from my garden tomorrow, she is not Welsh but will still like them.

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      1. Loads this year, especially the little pseudonarcissus that have popped up all through the hedge.


  2. And though I know which blob on the other side you are in, I don’t know if I need to look right, left or centre or just span the entire blob. But thanks for your good wishes. And thanks for not mentioning our rugby team. xx

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    1. We’ll just send you to live in Monmouthshire which, until 1974, was not part of Wales but nor was it part of England. It was just an “and” in the south east corner of God’s own country.

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