Prunus × incam 'Okamé'

Prunus × incam ‘Okamé’ is just a babe, no more than 30cm tall, but that hasn’t stopped it flowering prolifically.  It was enjoying the spring sunshine today as much as I was, and that was a great deal.  After last night’s riotous, window-shaking, sleep-depriving storm it was all the more appreciated.  It seems that calm can follow as well as lead. This flowering cherry will reach 4m-8m in height given ideal conditions. The thought of a tree that size, fully clad in these pretty pink blooms is almost too much to cope with.  But I will be brave.  I will manage.

11 thoughts on “Cope

  1. And you’d better stand under it when the next wind blows and detaches all the blossom and you will look, well, pink. I have an incisa variety growing next to the pond. I’ve kept it small – about a metre high – for nearly 15 years. And it has responded well. I wonder if an incam will cope with being contained by pruning. Given the beauty of your photo, I’m tempted to try.

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    1. That is interesting, it would be worth a try. This one is at the Farm in a pot outside the office. A lovely welcome I thought. And it can be moved and replaced by something else when it has finished being pretty. If it complains about being in a pot, there is plenty of room to plant it out somewhere. I found this particular in the bargain bin of a garden centre. It was a great bargain, £3 I think!

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      1. I’m amazed by how long plants and even trees can get by in pots. Sometimes they do complain, though. It’s an awful sound, plants complaining.


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