9 thoughts on “Cuddly

  1. And there was I, poised to send a quick “Are you well” message as you’ve been unusually quiet for a few days. My wine club made me think of you – advertising an exclusive Royal rhubarb gin (seems Queen Vic grew the original rhubarb) which, at ยฃ33 a bottle had better be exclusive!


  2. Perfect, some magnolias out in flower at Rosemoor yesterday, clumps of hellebores nodding in the ‘breeze’ in between the ‘showers’, it was lovely to be out and about and looking forward to more treasures appearing.


    1. I am jealous, need to visit again soon. There is a large magnolia just outside Braunton, which seems to be one of the earliest in flower. At the moment it is just showing a little bit of pink. Won’t be long!


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